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American and English donors are about to find out just how enterprising
and innovative our social sector is, and how your charity is a great cause to back.

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By getting on our books you will be included in group
pitches for money we make on your behalf offshore.
Your charity will be combined with others like you in your
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disperse equally amongst you.


No, we will take care of all of this for you. We have extensive and successful experience in pitching to donors for funds.

We will provide you with regular updates that include the donors that have been pitched to.

Great – we will put them in touch directly or gather more info from you to send to them. If a donor wants to see more, we will direct them to your website. If any donors wish to actually visit you, we’re only too happy to bring you into play at that stage.

No. All you need to do is to register. If anything else is needed, we’ll let you know.

Yes. We take 10% so that we can provide this service to you.

You must be registered in NZ by the Charities Commission.

No. We will identify and pitch to as many relevant and potential donors as we can.

It’s unique in that it targets non New Zealand funders. You will get visibility among an international pool of potential donors that have never before had the opportunity to consider New Zealand charities.

You can withdraw your registration if you choose at any time. There are no penalties for this.

We will use the copy that currently features on your website plus any additional copy you provide us with your registration.