Our Mission


Robin Hood Foundation NZ used to tell stories of the work being done by our charities to businesses who would choose to partner with them. Now we will tell the same stories to American and English donors so they too can partner with our amazing charities.


The Robin Hood Foundation exists to serve New Zealand’s Charities and our People in two ways.

  • By raising money offshore on behalf of our charities
  • By overseeing the development of a digital helpbook which will be an informative charity registry for those seeking help.

Global Funds

The Robin Hood Foundation is currently establishing itself to be able to work alongside American and English
registered philanthropic donors.

This enables the Robin Hood Foundation to work on behalf
of, and represent, our charity members when applying for and delivering
this new source of offshore philanthropic funding locally.
The social charities we will represent will include disability, poverty alleviation, youth,
health, education, addiction and harm prevention targeted charities.

Our targets are to raise

Why will global donors contribute?

The opportunity to donate to the country of New Zealand and its collective key charities within its non-profit sector.New Zealand has a proud history of pioneering social reform and is a small country that embraces rapid change.Robin Hood prepares all the applications that are submitted to carefully researched lists of philanthropic funders and individual donors in America and England.When we are successful, we clip the ticket of funds raised and dispersed to New Zealand charities by 10% to fund our operations and a project we will oversee and fund – the HELPBOOK.